Dikhoeve cheese farm

In a country known for its cheese, your first stop for locally produced delicacies should naturally be a cheese farm. North of Amsterdam in the Waterland region, you’ll find Boerderij Dikhoeve in the village of Ransdorp. There, you can buy creamy sheep’s cheese and yoghurt straight from the farm – currently by appointment only. It’s an easy and picturesque bike ride from Amsterdam.

Boerderij Dikhoeve // Dorpsweg Ransdorp 115, Amsterdam

Ridammerhoeve goat farm

The Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) has much to offer, not least of which being the Ridammerhoeve goat farm right in the centre of the woods. As well as tasting goat’s milk ice cream and buying goat’s milk products and local vegetables from the farm shop, visitors can meet the goats, lambs, chickens, pigs, cows and horses at the working farm. A great day out for the whole family.

Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve // Nieuwe Meerlaan 4, Amstelveen

Lindenhoff farm shop: Marché

Lindenhoff Marche AmsterdamA 20-minute drive south of Amsterdam to Baambrugge will lead you to Lindenhoff farm. They supply many of the area’s restaurants with local produce, but you can also visit Lindenhoff’s farm shop, Marché, yourself. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Marché is open to the public with its range of seasonal produce, farmhouse cheeses from the Kaasmeester, and meat from the farm’s Gasconne cattle and pigs, Baambrugse piglets and Kamper lambs from the butcher. Take home all the ingredients for a delicious, local, seasonal dinner!

Lindenhoff farm shop: Marché // Rijksstraatweg 21, Baambrugge

Wijngaard de Amsteltuin

You may not associate the Netherlands with wine, but Dutch wines have been growing in popularity in recent years – especially those from the south of the country. To experience a local vineyard closer to Amsterdam, look no further than Wijngaard de Amsteltuin – a picturesque vineyard in Amstelveen. You may never have heard of the grape varieties being used (Solaris or Johanniter, anyone?) but that only makes the experience of tasting them even more special. Purchase a selection of Amsteltuin’s white, red and rosé wines from their Wijnhuis. The vineyard is also available for events and tours upon request.

Wijngaard de Amsteltuin // Langs de Akker 5, Amstelveen

Fruittuin van West

Fruittuin van West literally translates as ‘fruit garden of West’ and that’s exactly what you’ll find if you head west of Amsterdam, halfway to Haarlem. In the orchard, you can pick fruit from 20 different varieties of trees, including apples, cherries, pears, raspberries, blackberries, nectarines, strawberries, cranberries and grapes. The fruit is weighed at the end and you pay for what you pick. In the winter, you can also harvest vegetables – including chicory and mushrooms. After all that picking and plucking, relax in the garden café or buy products from the organic shop.

Fruittuin van West // Tom Schreursweg 48, Amsterdam

Stadsboerderij Osdorp

An urban farm in the middle of Osdorp (west of Amsterdam), Stadsboerderij Osdorp has a large allotment full of herbs and vegetables as well as free-roaming chickens. A sign lets you know which types of herbs and vegetables are ready to pick that day, and a range of workshops and activities are organised for both children and adults. Opening times vary depending on the season.

Stadsboerderij Osdorp // Botteskerksingel 30B, Amsterdam

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