Muiderslot castle Amsterdam familyBuilt in around 1285, Muiderslot is possibly the Netherlands’ most impressive and best preserved castle. Take a tour through the impressive knight’s hall, towers, dungeon and armoury or dress up like a real knight and try your hand at jousting. Children can take part in a scavenger hunt, can climb into the Westertoren (West Tower) and find out what it was like to wear a suit of armour. On top of a varied events agenda throughout the seasons, the castle hosts  special childrens’ tours on Wednesday afternoons.

Castle Muiderslot | Muiden

Naarden and the Dutch Fortress Museum

With its unique layout, which from the air resembles something like a gigantic snowflake, Naarden is one of the most remarkable examples of a preserved fortified town. The history of the town is explained at the fascinating Dutch Fortress Museum, which features canons, weapons, uniforms and a some exciting audiovisual presentations. Children can experience how the soldiers protected Amsterdam and its surroundings from enemies from the east, and explore the dark corners of the fortress, where the soldiers once fought, lived and slept. There are also opportunities for shooting, golf, boat tours and even special adventures for young explorers to embark on. Don’t miss the chance to walk along the ramparts and view the fortress from the museum’s boat.

Dutch Fortress Museum | Naarden

Forteiland Pampus

Fort Pampus KidsRaise the flags and man the guns! For a family-friendly and historical day trip from Amsterdam, hop on a ferry and discover the UNESCO World Heritage Fort Pampus. The island has an extensive events calendar, including a special pirate week in May and kite festival in June. Also, in August the island puts a special spotlight on culture, and in October hosts a Light Festival.

Forteiland Pampus

Bruis Blaricum 

Bruis BlaricumAt restaurant Bruis there’s pancakes, burgers, salads, BBQ and more. And if that’s not enough to keep the kids happy, there is also an outdoor playground, indoor fun floor and even a cinema.

Bruis | Blaricum

Oud Valkeveen

Oud Valkeveen AmsterdamWith attractions for kids of all ages, play paradise Oud Valkenveen offers a perfect fun-filled day out. After starting out as a pancake farm, the venue has now grown into an amusement park with rollercoasters, slides, trains and climbing frames. 

Oud Valkeveen | Naarden

Museum Hofland

Step back in time at the Geologisch Museum Hofland (Hofland Geological Museum) in Laren, which offers an educational insight into the history of our planet. Its focus on geology, minerals and regional prehistory will appeal to all ages. Hunt fossils, learn about earth’s stones and plates and even see how neanderthals lived  in the museum’s prehistoric cave.

Geologisch Museum Hofland | Laren

Zwembad Sijsjesberg

Zwembad Sijsjesberg AmsterdamLooking for a place to cool off on a hot day? The Sijsjesberg outdoor swimming pool is the perfect place to take the kids on a sizzling hot day. Located between a forest and fields of heather, the pool features a diving tower with a separate jumping pit and a large family slide. There’s also a toddler pool, large sunbathing areas, a sports field and a sun terrace with sunbeds. 

Zwembad Sijsjesberg | Huizen

Jagtlust Walking Route

Jagtlust wandelroute amsterdamStroll across a unique country estate and admire a beautiful old country house full of history. Enjoy the history and architecture during this child-friendly 1 km long walking route, which also features the chance to gather chestnuts and explore a cave.

Jagtlust | Hilversum

Beeld en Geluid Museum

hilversum museum beeld geluid

The Beeld en Geluid Museum (Institute of Sound and Vision) at Hilversum’s Media Park, a short train ride from Amsterdam, houses a collection of radio, television, film and music recordings. A visit will see you learn everything there is to know about modern media. There’s also the chance to star in your own tv action series, host a tv show or act as a director or lighting expert. For younger children, Media Ukkie Land is a fun adventure playground.

Beeld en Geluid Museum | Hilversum

Weegschaal Museum

Weegschaal MuseumEver wondered why a kilo is a kilo? Or why a kilo is the same everywhere in the world? Is a kilo still a kilo on the moon? Find all the answers to these questions and more at the Weegschaal Museum (weighing scales museum), where you can discover everything there is to know about the origins of measuring and weighing.

Weegschaal Museum | Naarden


Restaurant Leuk AmsterdamGaming heaven! Restaurant Leuk has a large play basement with Nintendo Wiis, Playstations, X-boxes and even two real racing chairs. For those kids that don’t like gaming as much, there’s also a large air hockey table, football table, lego and a shop to grab some goodies. Crafting, playing, watching cartoons or gaming, there’s something for everyone at Leuk.

Leuk | Bussum