Arrival and accommodation in Amsterdam

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, millions of people have been forced to flee their homes. Amsterdam is participating in the national efforts to house and support some of these refugees. An Arrival Centre has been established at Amsterdam Central Station. Ukrainians can register here when they arrive. The City’s team will help with arranging accommodation, healthcare and social services as required.  

How to get there

Ukrainian citizens can access public transport in the Netherlands free of charge by showing their passport or identity card. If the gates are closed, visit the service desk and ask for a free day ticket. The Humanitarian Service Point has been set up in the East wing of Amsterdam Central Station. Read more information from the City of Amsterdam.

Useful links and resources for Ukrainians

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Initiatives from IN Amsterdam’s partners

Корисні посилання та ресурси для українців

Ініціативи від партнерів IN Amsterdam

Additional links

How Amsterdammers can help

Throughout the Amsterdam region, local residents are standing in solidarity with those affected by the Russia-Ukraine war. There are a range of ways residents can contribute to humanitarian efforts. You can donate to organisations supporting both refugees and those still in Ukraine such as the Red Cross and the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR. You can find out more about organisations for offering support in other ways such as providing accommodation on the City of Amsterdam website. And check out this regularly updated page (in Dutch) which also includes private initiatives being organised by people and groups in Amsterdam. Since the beginning of April, refugees from Ukraine do not require a work permit to take up employment in the Netherlands. If you are an employer, you can find more information about hiring Ukrainians here (page in Dutch).   

Find out more

Read the latest news and information about the war in Ukraine from the Dutch government. 

IN Amsterdam is available for additional support. Please do not hesitate to contact us