We provide help for:

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  • Companies and employees
  • International newcomers
  • Service providers and internationals through our Partnership Programme
  • Services for companies and employees

    • Registering expat employees with the IND and their municipality
    • IN Amsterdam entry procedure for highly skilled migrants
    • Assistance for highly skilled migrants from EU and non-EU countries

    Advantages of using IN Amsterdam

    By submitting one single form, an employer can initiate the necessary official procedures while an employee is still abroad, and schedule an appointment with IN Amsterdam for their arrival. Once the employee is in the Netherlands, all documents will be in place, allowing the employee to start work immediately after their visit to the IN Amsterdam office.

    A streamlined process

    1. Utilising the IN Amsterdam procedure begins with the completion of the appropriate application form from the IND website. On the form, the employer indicates they would like to use IN Amsterdam’s services and sends the completed form to the IND. Approximately four weeks later, the highly skilled migrant can visit the IN Amsterdam office to collect his or her residence permit and register with the municipality.
    2. EU citizens who have a work contract with a company which is an officially recognised sponsor by the IND can visit IN Amsterdam for their municipal registration.
    3. As a result of the municipal registration, IN Amsterdam clients will receive their citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN) during their appointment. Those registering with the municipalities of Almere and Haarlemmermeer will receive their BSN in two days by email.

    Download the IN Amsterdam corporate brochure, which details our services for employers. For a full description of the application steps please see ‘How to apply’. Please note that service fees may apply.

    Click here to make an appointment as an individual or make an appointment as a company. Check our forms & downloads page to find downloadable forms required for your appointment.

    Early residence stamp

    IN Amsterdam offers the possibility of an early approval for work. With this early approval, highly skilled migrants are able to start working within two weeks of the IND receiving their application.

    Residence permit extensions for highly skilled migrants and researchers

    Highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers who have applied for an extension to their residence permit can collect their extended residence permit at one of the Expatcenter branches, including IN Amsterdam.

    30% tax ruling

    Since 2011, applications for the 30% tax ruling can be made as part of the IN Amsterdam procedure. The application can be submitted during the appointment at the IN Amsterdam office. This additional service is available for EU citizens and highly skilled migrants employed by companies with an official sponsor status from the IND. Companies who wish to make use of this service need to use specific request forms, completed by both the employer and the expatriate employee. The completed forms along with required documents must be sent to IN Amsterdam (indicating "Application for the 30% ruling" on the envelope).

    Information for your expat employees

    Expat employees can also visit IN Amsterdam for help with other government and expat-related issues, such as parking, taxes, healthcare, education and much more. Furthermore, a wealth of information is also available throughout the Living section of this website, with detailed information on topics like finding a job, childcare or a place to live.

    Information for spouses and partners of expats

    If an international resident has taken up employment in the Netherlands, it’s vitally important for their spouse or partner to feel just as happy and settled in their new country. That’s why IN Amsterdam offers a support service for accompanying partners of international workers, helping them to find employment, settle into Dutch life and access family support information. Find out more about the services offered for accompanying partners.

    Services for international newcomers

    • Application for startup-based residence permits for ambitious entrepreneurs
    • Orientation year permits for international graduates
    • Resources for just-arrived internationals via Expatcenters
    • Support and information for internationals at every stage of life

    Residence permits for recent graduates

    Recent graduates from Dutch colleges and universities and academics from abroad who have successfully applied for an orientation year permit, which allows graduates to search for employment in the Netherlands for up to a year, can collect their permit at an IN Amsterdam or an Expatcenter in the Netherlands.

    Biometric data services

    Highly skilled migrants, researchers and recent graduates applying for an orientation year permit can now deliver the required biometric photographs and fingerprints at an official Expatcenter, including IN Amsterdam. Check the list of official Expatcenters in the Netherlands.

    Job Orientation programme

    Since 2020, IN Amsterdam has supported partners of internationals moving to the Amsterdam Area. This group forms 15-20% of all people making use of the services of IN Amsterdam. The offered support ranges from informing local businesses on the potential of this often overseen group in the labour market to directly aiding and advising accompanying partners and other internationals in the Amsterdam Area on the opportunities in the local labour market. One of the major campaigns IN Amsterdam is running is the Job Orientation Programme, focusing on job opportunities in healthcare and social care, and working together with organisations to make a connection with sectors where there is a labour shortage.

    Our Partnership Programme

    • IN Amsterdam provides a Partnership Programme designed to connect international newcomers with relevant services

    The IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme connects internationals in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area with service providers operating in the international market. This is particularly useful for an international’s arrival and first three months in the Netherlands. Participating companies cover sectors from banking, driving and childcare to employment, insurance, tax, language courses, and much more. Would you like to become a partner? Click here to apply.

    Browse our current partners or read more about our Partnership Programme.