Hybrid-Human Artificial Intelligence (HHAI22) was the first international conference on hybrid-human AI, focusing on intelligence systems that work proactively with humans to enhance human capabilities and empower citizens in their daily lives.


Organised by the Dutch Hybrid Intelligence Centre and the European HumaneAI Network, HHAI22 gathered students and academics at the Vrije Universiteit for a lively week of research events, including a Hackathon, paper presentations, talks, Q&As, demo sessions and networking events. Talks from Paul Lukowicz, Wendy Mackay and other industry experts highlighted building human-computer partnerships and the importance of creating trust and transparency when designing interactive AI systems. The main take-home of the event? Enhance human intelligence with AI – don’t replace it.


A Prominent AI hub

As one of the most AI-ready cities in the world, Amsterdam creates the perfect environment for conferences like HHAI22 to meet and flourish. With a strong focus on human-centred AI, universities like Vrije Universiteit and the University of Amsterdam pioneer AI and HI-related research, including contributing to programmes like AI Technology for People. What sets Amsterdam apart is a commitment to ensuring that ethical and interactive approaches to AI are applied to truly improve people’s lives in everyday contexts.


“Interest in Hybrid Intelligence is just growing as a field, and Amsterdam offers the perfect location to establish new academic-industrial collaborations on the topic. We could not choose any better place for the beginning of our activities'' Ilaria Tiddi, HHAI22 local organiser emphasised.


Support from the Amsterdam Convention Bureau


The Amsterdam Convention Bureau works annually with different tech and AI events to ensure their success and provide customised event support. Working with HHAI22 event organisers, the Amsterdam Convention Bureau brought the 2022 conference a welcome reception for attendees to network with fellow academics in the field, following the conference’s opening ceremony.


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