Connectivity is key for cities that want to attract thriving industries such as the meetings and events industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the importance of staying well connected. Digitally, physically and socially, Amsterdam is leading the way in this field. Here is why this exceptional connectivity is so important for organising your meeting, conference or hybrid/live event.  

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Digital connectivity: one of the strongest internet backbones in the world

Amsterdam is a thriving, innovative tech hub and houses one of the largest data exchanges in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). Amsterdam’s internet backbone is one of the strongest worldwide and the region ranks highly for broadband availability, internet speed and reliability in Europe. This means you can count on great digital connectivity for smooth-running hybrid meetings and a tech savvy environment while hosting any kind of event in Amsterdam. 

Physical connectivity: easy access by train and plane

Amsterdam’s international connectivity is unique in Europe. Trains from London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Antwerp and Paris take you to Amsterdam in only a few hours. They offer a comfortable way to travel, right from your nearest railway station to Amsterdam Central Station or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Station, which is only 20 minutes away from the city centre by public transport. Book all your international train journeys with NS International.

Amsterdam has a direct flight connection to more than 300 destinations worldwide. Our national airline KLM, part of Air France-KLM, offers a special Global Meetings Fare discount. Participants can book flights quickly and easily at a discount of up to 15% on the published fares for participants travelling to an event. As an organiser, you can also save for free tickets. 

The short travel time from the airport to the heart of the city is a great asset if you choose to travel by plane. 

Once you arrive in Amsterdam, you'll find everything is close by. Hotels, venues, restaurants and attractions are all connected by an efficient public transport system and your travel time will rarely exceed 30-45 minutes. A vibrant capital with a village vibe is what describes Amsterdam best, according to Dutch people. 

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Social connectivity: collaboration makes you stronger

That village vibe we just mentioned not only has advantages for logistics. Amsterdam is also known for its commitment to collaboration. Parties involved in your event are accustomed to cooperating with each other. Meeting venues, hotels, equipment rental companies, restaurants and private transportation businesses, for example, all embrace the collaborative culture in Amsterdam to offer you complete and streamlined solutions for your event.  

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