Building Better Business

Does your business want to find the right balance between purpose and profit? Are you looking for a framework to improve and measure your company’s impact on people and the planet? Join Building Better Business to explore how you can be part of a more sustainable and inclusive economy, and pursue a B Corp or Economy for the Common Good certification!

Amsterdam wants to play a key role in the transition to a new economy and become the number one city for companies that create both financial and social value. To achieve this goal, the City of Amsterdam has co-created the Building Better Business (BBB) programme to help profitable companies accelerate their social and environmental impact, and potentially get certified for their performance.  

BBB is a collaboration between Amsterdam Impact, the City of Amsterdam’s impact entrepreneurship initiative, B Lab, and Economy for the Common Good (ECG) with support from KplusV. 

The programme has two tracks to choose from: B Corp and ECG. Both tracks offer a clear roadmap to help your business become a change agent and provide the foundation for certification, if you decide to take that step. You can enroll in the track that suits your company best. Read more about the key differences between the tracks.

“Business can be done differently. Every company can make a change within its own sphere of influence,” says Ellen Oetelmans, Amsterdam Impact’s programme manager. “Although they use different methods, both tracks help companies join the transition. As the saying goes, ‘all roads lead to Rome’.”

BBB in a nutshell

Why join?

  • Define and accelerate your organisation’s impact goals;

  • Become part of an inspiring community of like-minded companies and exchange best practices;

  • Get access to the (inter)national networks of the City of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Impact), B Lab, and Economy for the Common Good;

  • Receive support, guidance and the right tools from experts to gain a certification that verifies your social and environmental performance;

  • Become a future-proof business that attracts impact-driven talent, investment, and partnerships. 

Programme overview

The 2022 edition of BBB starts with an inspiration event on the 22nd of March 2022. Join the event to hear from new economy leaders, connect with other impact-minded companies, and learn the ins and outs of the BBB programme tracks.

After the event you can choose to pursue one of the two BBB tracks to certification.

  • B Corp track: you will cover four in-depth B Corp modules spread across 4 weeks in May and June 2022, covering topics such as the B Impact Assessment and followed by supportive Q&A sessions to guide you through your certification.

  • ECG track: you will follow an Economy for the Common Good crash course, followed by 4 webinars and 4 group consultations between May and October 2022 to prepare for certification. 

This cohort is currently running. Stay tuned for the 2023 cohort; updates will follow at the end of 2022.

City Modules

BBB participants will also benefit from two City Modules hosted by Amsterdam Impact, connecting you to a diverse ecosystem of impact enterprises, socially responsible businesses, investors, knowledge institutes, and government organisations. 

During the first City Module, you will learn more about Amsterdam Impact’s four-year programme and its various pillars, including market access and internationalisation.

The second City Module takes place further along in your chosen BBB track and will introduce you to the right tools and contacts – inside the municipality and beyond – based on your ambitions and needs in a specific impact area.

Programme costs: free of charge!

The City of Amsterdam covers the costs of the BBB inspiration event and programme tracks. In addition, the first 15 companies (per track) to certify within 12 months of completing the programme will receive a €500 voucher for certification costs. These costs vary by business size and type of certification.

Application criteria

  • Your company is based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and registered at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Your business has a staff of 10+ employees and has been operating for at least 1 year;
  • You are keen to formalise your company’s social impact ambitions and make the transition to a sustainable business model;
  • One or more members of your senior management can attend the entirety of your chosen track and lead the potential certification process.

Interested to know more, or have more questions about the programme? Read our most frequently asked questions for more information. 

Online meetups

Learn more about the BBB tracks in one of our online meetups. Please note: The 1 April meetup will focus only on 'Economy for the Common Good'.

Programme timeline

Programme tracks

B Corp track // May and June 2022

Startup Amsterdam
The B Corp track to certification focuses solely on for-profit businesses. B Lab’s global movement is organised geographically by B Corp communities in 71 countries. 
Learn more

ECG track // May - October 2022

The ECG track to certification is available to anyone, including for-profit businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and cities. Its global movement is organised by thematic hubs and chapters. 
Learn more

Programme partners

Amsterdam Impact

Amsterdam Impact is an initiative and four-year programme by the City of Amsterdam to support and strengthen the ecosystem for all impact enterprises – from social enterprises to socially responsible businesses – that create both financial and social value. The programme also pays special attention to enterprises that improve the quality of life in Amsterdam’s neighbourhoods.

Amsterdam Impact

B Lab

B Lab is the nonprofit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. B Lab, a global organisation with European headquarters in Amsterdam, creates standards, policies, tools, and programs for companies to drive their social and environmental agenda, and create positive social impact.

B Lab


KplusV is a consultancy firm that strives towards a more sustainable and inclusive future by empowering innovators and building strong ecosystems for change together with SMEs, corporates and governmental organisations.


Privacy statement (

Building Better Business follows the privacy law. The partners of the programme (City of Amsterdam, B Lab Benelux & Economy for the Common Good) have made the City of Amsterdam responsible for data processing and follow the privacy protocol of the City of Amsterdam. The general privacy statement applies for all Building Better Business events. The partners of the Building Better Business programme will also ask you if you are interested in receiving their respective newsletters.

For the selection of companies wishing to join either the Economy for the Common Good or B Lab Benelux certification tracks, all partners follow the Privacy Statement ’Challenges, Competitions and Entrepreneurial Programmes’ of the City of Amsterdam. Data collected in this regard is shared with City of Amsterdam officials, Economy for the Common Good,  B Lab Benelux and KplusV, just as evaluation data. From the moment a company is selected for one of the tracks of Economy for the Common Good or B Lab Benelux, the privacy statement of either B Lab Benelux or Economy for the Common Good will apply, meaning the collection of additional data during/as part of the masterclasses and certification.

Recipients of data & data retention

When you apply for a certification track, your data will be shared with either Economy for the Common Good or B Lab Benelux as part of the Selection Process. Processing agreements are in place between the partners of Building Better Business. Economy for the Common Good and B Lab Benelux will delete your data in the event that your organisation is not selected. If your organisation follows a track, Economy for the Common Good and B Lab Benelux will delete your application data after completion of the track. The City of Amsterdam archives your data for 5 years within the boundaries and obligations of the Dutch Archive Law. The above on data retention does not apply for newsletters of the partners of Building Better Business. Persons or companies that have subscribed to individual newsletters can unsubscribe at any moment in time.

Privacy Statement: Challenges, Competitions and Entrepreneurial Programmes