Sloterplas strand

Sloterplas Beach Playing Boy AmsterdamThe beautifully spacious Sloterpark in Amsterdam’s Nieuw West has a large lake (Sloterplas) in the middle - you really can’t miss it. Locals flock to its urban beach for picnics, family outings and games of volleyball. And, if you prefer a dash of chlorine in your swimming water, the Sloterparkbad is only a minute away. You can also rent a canoe or go supping on the lake!

De Meervaart

The cultural hotspot of Nieuw-West, Meervaart Theatre, offers an extensive program for young people. From drama, dance to musical theatre; children are introduced to the rich cultural offering of Amsterdam from an early age. Even without attending a performance, you can enjoy a tasty snack or drink at the child-friendly theatre café.

Fruittuin van West

Fruittuin van West AmsterdamThe Fruittuin van West is located far west, near to Halfweg. In addition to the farm, greenhouses and stables, you will also find a huge orchard where you can pick your own fruit. As soon as work is done and everyone’s baskets are filled with healthy snacks, children can play at various playgrounds around the site, while the parents enjoy a coffee at the accompanying Garden Café.

De Natureluur

Natureluur Amsterdam Nieuw West

Nestled in Sloterpark, De Natureluur is a playground and adventure park that’s a sure-fire hit with kids of all ages. The organisers host a variety of active and educational activities, ranging from kayaking and archery to nature lessons on creepy crawlies and wildlife. It’s also the perfect spot for birthday parties, delighting little ones with campfires, pony rides, hut-building and all sorts of outdoorsy treats.

Street Art Museum Amsterdam

This outdoor museum gives kids the chance to come into contact with art in an accessible way. With more than 300 works of art including colossal murals painted on the side of apartment buildings, the aim of the museum is to stimulate children’s interest in street art and their living environment. Check their agenda for a range of creative workshops (making stickers, stencils, letters, and spray paint tags) and tours led by local artists and museum volunteers.

Lange Bretten

Head out on an adventure into the Amsterdam jungle. De Lange Bretten is a nature reserve where all the beauty of Dutch nature grows together. Stroll along the dikes and through the water features as you spot birds, goats and hairy Scottish Highlanders. You’ll also find the Natureluur nature playground for big and little ones where you can climb trees, venture across the watercourse and through the mud.

Stadsboerderij Osdorp

For nature, good food and fun with the neighbours you have to go to Stadboerderij Osdorp Petting Zoo. In addition to chickens, rabbits and goats, you will find vegetable gardens, herb gardens and a real children's garden. The farm organises many activities and is known as a green meeting place for young and old. The farm trains locals to become health ambassadors, and you can enjoy delicious lunches. Let’s eat!

Various sports

Children who love sports and exercise are spoilt for choice in Nieuw-West. There are several padel courts (Padel Dam and Peakz Padel), and children can rise to great heights in two different climbing halls: Klimhal Mountain Network Amsterdam and Klimhal Amsterdam. At Ookmeer Jungle in Osdorp, children can throw themselves into BMX, survival and zip lining. At RUIG at Sportpark De Eendracht, you can also run, climb and clamber. All in all, Nieuw West is very suitable for energetic daredevils!